How To Start BulkSMS Business in Nigeria

This post is to help you begin establishing your bulk messaging company, in case you’ve been thinking about this but have been confused about the best way to get started.

To start a bulk messaging Company/Business, you have to know your blossoms; after all, they say a soldier does not go to war with no gun.

Building your own Bulksms website

This choice, though more costly, provides you with a more flexible method of running your business. Additionally, having your site means you have access to your client’s database, running your bulk SMS company from your provider’s platform doesn’t offer you access to a clients’ database that could signify that you’re stuck together, in nature, if a thing was to happen for a supplier if they had a something or downtime, your business will also be down, then there would be no way that you move your clients’ database, and you might lose your clients. You’ve got access to this database; essentially, you can transfer it to where you desire. You’re not confined to only one supplier. You may use numerous suppliers on your site. If one is down, you can conveniently change to a different one.

What you need to know about using your own BulkSMS Website

  1. Get a user-friendly site designed with the capacity to do bulk SMS related tasks or functions like sending SMS, issuing credits to clients and so forth. Be aware that except you’re a developer, you would have to employ a developer for this, i would recommend to you an IT Company that offers Website Development. All you have to do is cross your leg and give them all required information you want in your New Website including your Colour Combination, Logo, Contact Information and all will be delivered to you within few days. Building your own bulksms messaging platform has its advantages, such as having the ability to carry out some intricate customizations in your system to satisfy a need.
  2. You need to get a domain name and shared or cloud hosting package to host your bulksms website. Hosting means your site is online and available to your clients from any place
  3. Start looking for an SMS gateway provider (some suppliers offer more than one message type) which fulfils your requirements and receive an account. Consider their prices since this can allow you to produce competitive rates for your clients.
  4. Link your site to the gateway supplier with which you’ve established an account. Normally, documentation directs you about this, and naturally, your gateway supplier will encourage you.
  5. Market your service? Begin with your immediate community? Relatives and friends, then you might also utilize the power of social networking to broaden your reach.
  6. Fantastic customer service, reliability, and a high delivery rate will keep clients returning to you and referring other people to your website.

Using a BulkSMS White Label Reseller

Here is the cheap method of creating your BulkSMS business website; all you need to do is enroll with an SMS service provider and operate your company on their platform and use the features they have available.

Should you decide you don’t wish to experience all the hassles of preparing your site and connecting it to your supplier’s website, then you can take advantage of the platform supplied by your supplier/provider.

What you need to know about using BulkSMS White Label Reseller

  1. Start looking for a gateway supplier and find an account; remember to undergo what the supplier is supplying, their stage and naturally their prices. It would be best if you were certain they match your requirements.
  2. Determine how much you would like to bill your clients under your supplier’s rate.
  3. Utilize the supplier to personalize your page on their platform. They’ll work with the info which you supply them to make alterations to your webpage.
  4. Fund your account
  5. Fantastic customer service, reliability, and a high delivery rate will keep clients returning to you and talking to other people about your platform.

Whichever method you choose to go for, the fundamental things necessary for this company are a computer and a fantastic online connection!!!


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